Brazil softens opposition towards plan to suspend vaccine patents
The Brazilian government softened its opposition to a suspension of intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines, saying it “welcomed the willingness of the USA to negotiate, within the scope of the WTO, a multilateral solution that contributes to the fight against Covid-19.” “The easing of positions in the US and other partners in the WTO could contribute to international efforts to respond to Covid, including in the ongoing negotiations on the temporary suspension of provisions in the TRIPS agreement on combating the pandemic,” said a joint statement on Friday from the ministries of foreign affairs, economy, health and science and technology. Despite suffering one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks as well as an ongoing and acute shortage of vaccines, Brazil has until now opposed the IP waiver at international trade negotiations. Many, however, expect that to change following the initiative from Washington earlier this week. Carlos Alberto de Franco França, Brazil’s foreign minister, is tonight scheduled to discuss the matter with Katherine Tai, US President Joe Biden’s top trade adviser. “In particular, [the waiver] could facilitate the implementation of the ‘third way’ proposals, which aim to increase and diversify the production and dissemination of vaccines, mainly in developing countries, with better use of idle capacity,” said the note from the Brazilian government.
巴西政府软化了其对暂停冠状病毒疫苗知识产权的反对意见,说它 "欢迎美国愿意在世贸组织范围内谈判一个有助于抗击Covid-19的多边解决方案"。 "外交部、经济部、卫生部和科技部周五发表的一份联合声明说:"美国和其他伙伴在世贸组织中的立场放宽,可能有助于应对Covid的国际努力,包括正在进行的关于暂时中止TRIPS协议中有关防治该大流行病的规定的谈判。 尽管遭受了世界上最严重的冠状病毒爆发之一,以及持续和严重的疫苗短缺,巴西到现在为止一直反对在国际贸易谈判中放弃知识产权的做法。 然而,在本周早些时候来自华盛顿的倡议之后,许多人预计这种情况将会改变。巴西外交部长Carlos Alberto de Franco França定于今晚与美国总统乔-拜登的最高贸易顾问Katherine Tai讨论此事。 "巴西政府的说明说:"特别是,放弃可以促进'第三条道路'建议的实施,这些建议旨在增加疫苗的生产和传播并使之多样化,主要是在发展中国家,更好地利用闲置产能。
Pfizer chief warns of ‘scramble’ for raw materials if vaccine patents waived
The chief executive of Pfizer said waiving the patents of Covid-19 vaccines would “unleash a scramble” for scarce raw materials and discourage innovation in the pharmaceutical sector, as he joined other vaccine makers in opposing the proposal. Albert Bourla said that suspending intellectual property rights “threatens to disrupt the flow of raw materials . . . putting the safety and security of all at risk.” Bourla’s comments added to the roster of pharmaceutical groups and executives who have argued against the notion of waiving intellectual property rights. Moderna and Novavax both issued similar statements this week. The World Trade Organization’s proposal aims to boost vaccine manufacturing, especially in developing countries where vaccination campaigns have lagged behind those of western countries. Bourla said that at the start of the pandemic he became “personally concerned” that developed countries had ordered most of Pfizer’s vaccine doses and he reached out to the governments of low and middle income countries to encourage them to reserve shots. “However, most of them decided to place orders with other vaccine makers either because mRNA technology was untested at that time or because they were offered local production options,” he said in a statement on LinkedIn. He added that “infrastructure is not the bottleneck for us manufacturing faster,” but rather “the restriction is the scarcity of highly specialised raw materials needed to produce our vaccine”, and that waiving patents would harm Pfizer’s ability to source the substances. He said the drugmaker spent $2bn before knowing whether it could successfully develop a vaccine but was unsure whether smaller biotech companies “that are totally dependent on accessing capital from investors who invest only on the premise that their intellectual property will be protected” would do the same if patents were suspended.  “We will not let politics stand in our way and we will continue doing what we do best,” he said.
辉瑞公司的首席执行官说,放弃Covid-19疫苗的专利将“释放出对稀缺原材料的争夺”,并阻碍制药业的创新,他与其他疫苗制造商一起反对这一提议。 Albert Bourla说,暂停知识产权 "有可能扰乱原材料的流动......使所有人的安全和保障受到威胁"。 Bourla的评论增加了反对放弃知识产权概念的制药集团和高管的名册。Moderna和Novavax本周都发表了类似的声明。 世界贸易组织的建议旨在促进疫苗生产,尤其是在疫苗接种运动落后于西方国家的发展中国家。 Bourla说,在大流行开始时,他 "亲自关注 "发达国家已经订购了辉瑞公司的大部分疫苗剂量,他联系了中低收入国家的政府,鼓励他们储备疫苗。 "他在LinkedIn上的一份声明中说:"然而,他们中的大多数人决定向其他疫苗制造商下订单,要么是因为mRNA技术在当时未经测试,要么是因为他们得到了当地的生产方案。 他补充说,"基础设施不是我们加快生产的瓶颈,"而是“限制是生产我们的疫苗所需的高度专业化原材料的稀缺性”,放弃专利将损害辉瑞公司采购物质的能力。 他说,这家制药商在知道是否能成功开发疫苗之前就已经花费了20亿美元,但不确定如果暂停专利,"那些完全依赖从投资者那里获得资金的小型生物技术公司是否也会这样做,而这些投资者投资的前提是他们的知识产权将得到保护"。  "他说:"我们不会让政治挡住我们的路,我们将继续做我们最擅长的事情。
US gives Covid-19 shots to 150m Americans
More than 150m Americans have received one or more doses of a coronavirus vaccine, with one-third of the US population now fully inoculated against Covid-19. The US has administered 255m doses out of 327m delivered since December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday. Forty-five percent of Americans, or 57 per cent of all adults, have been given at least one jab. Among those over the age of 65, 83 per cent have received the vaccine and 71 per cent have completed their regimen. While the US vaccination drive continues to reach millions of additional people, the rate of inoculations has slowed to an average of 2.1m doses per day over the past week. By the same measure, the US reported 2.5m new doses per day one week ago. At its peak, the rolling seven-day average of new shots hit 3.4m in mid-April.
超过1.5亿美国人已经接受了一剂或多剂冠状病毒疫苗,三分之一的美国人口现在完全接种了Covid-19疫苗。 美国疾病控制和预防中心周五表示,自12月以来,美国已经接种了3.27亿剂疫苗中的2.55亿剂。 45%的美国人,或所有成年人的57%,已经接受了至少一次疫苗接种。在65岁以上的人中,83%的人已经接种了疫苗,71%的人已经完成了他们的疗程。 虽然美国的疫苗接种活动继续惠及数百万人,但在过去一周里,接种速度已经放缓到平均每天210万剂。按照同样的标准,一周前美国每天报告的新剂量为250万。在高峰期,4月中旬,新疫苗的滚动七天平均数达到340万。
UK warns football fans against travelling to Turkey for Chelsea-Man City final
The UK government has warned fans against travelling to Turkey for the all-English Uefa Champions League final, widely considered the pinnacle of European club football. Manchester City and Chelsea are set to contest the final in Istanbul, the Turkish capital, on May 29. Announcing plans to add Turkey to the “red list” for travel, Grant Shapps, the UK transport secretary, said at a press conference that football governing bodies were in talks about the match. Shapps said the UK could host the game but that it was a decision for Uefa, the organiser of the Champions League. He said Uefa was holding discussions with the Football Association, the domestic governing body. Uefa said it needs time to review the UK government decision. The FA and Manchester City declined to comment. Chelsea did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
英国政府已经警告球迷不要去土耳其参加全英式的欧洲冠军联赛决赛,这被广泛认为是欧洲俱乐部足球的巅峰。 曼城和切尔西将于5月29日在土耳其首都伊斯坦布尔进行决赛。 英国交通大臣格兰特-沙普斯(Grant Shapps)在一次新闻发布会上宣布了将土耳其列入旅游 "红名单 "的计划,他说足球管理机构正在就这场比赛进行谈判。 沙普斯说,英国可以主办这场比赛,但这是由欧洲冠军联赛的组织者欧足联决定的。他说,欧足联正在与国内管理机构--足球协会进行讨论。 欧足联表示,它需要时间来审查英国政府的决定。 英足总和曼城拒绝发表评论。切尔西没有立即回应评论请求。
Senior official resigns from US’s top health agency
Nancy Messonnier, a senior official at the Centers for Disease Control who issued early warnings about the severity of Covid-19, has resigned from the US health agency. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, said she received Messonnier’s resignation on Friday morning. “I am truly appreciative of Dr. Messonnier’s service to her nation during her career at CDC.  She has made significant contributions to public health and leaves behind a legacy of strong leadership and courage,” she said. Messonnier will join the Skoll Foundation, a California-based private group that invests in social entrepreneurs, from June 1 as the executive director for pandemics and health systems. The Skoll Foundation said it is “keenly focused on helping build out the future global system needed to prevent another Covid-like pandemic.” As a world-class public health leader with deep expertise in infectious disease, Dr. Messonnier will be an addition to the team to drive this work forward.”
对Covid-19的严重性发出早期警告的美国疾病控制中心高级官员Nancy Messonnier已经从美国卫生机构辞职。 疾病控制中心主任Rochelle Walensky说,她在周五早上收到了Messonnier的辞呈。 "我真心感谢梅索尼耶博士在CDC的职业生涯中对国家的服务。    她为公共卫生做出了重大贡献,并留下了强有力的领导和勇气的遗产,"她说。 梅松尼耶将从6月1日起加入斯科尔基金会,这是一个总部设在加利福尼亚州的私人集团,投资于社会企业家,担任大流行病和卫生系统的执行主任。 斯科尔基金会表示,它 "非常关注帮助建立未来的全球系统,以防止另一次类似Covid的大流行病"。 作为一个在传染病方面具有深厚专业知识的世界级公共卫生领导人,梅松尼尔博士将成为推动这项工作的团队的补充"。
UK to reopen international travel in May
Travellers from England will be allowed to resume foreign holidays later this month, but will only be able to visit a dozen destinations without having to quarantine on their return. Transport secretary Grant Shapps on Friday confirmed plans for a “traffic light system” to reopen international travel from May 17, and said Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel will be among 12 countries put on the “green list” for travel. Others are: Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Australia, Ascension Islands, Tristan da Cunha and St Helena, along with the barely inhabited South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. Shapps said the government was taking its “first, albeit tentative” steps towards reopening its borders, and that the approach was “necessarily cautious”. “We must make absolutely sure that the countries we reconnect with are safe,” he said.
来自英国的旅行者将被允许在本月晚些时候恢复国外度假,但只能访问十几个目的地,回国后不必再进行检疫。 交通部长格兰特-沙普斯周五确认了从5月17日起重新开放国际旅行的 "交通灯系统 "计划,并表示葡萄牙、直布罗陀和以色列将是12个被列入旅行 "绿名单 "的国家之一。 其他国家是 冰岛、法罗群岛、新加坡、文莱、新西兰、澳大利亚、阿森松群岛、特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛和圣赫勒拿岛,以及几乎无人居住的南乔治亚岛和南桑威奇群岛。 沙普斯说,政府正在采取 "初步的,尽管是试探性的 "步骤来重新开放其边界,而且这种做法“必然是谨慎的”。 "他说:"我们必须绝对确保与我们重新连接的国家是安全的。
Macron criticises ‘Anglo-Saxons’ for blocking vaccines and main ingredients
马克龙批评 "盎格鲁-撒克逊人 "封锁疫苗和主要成分-|-马克龙批评“盎格鲁-撒克逊人”阻止疫苗和主要成分-|-Macron批评了阻止疫苗和主要成分的“盎格鲁撒克逊人”
French president Emmanuel Macron said he was ready to discuss waiving patents for Covid-19 vaccines but hit out at “Anglo-Saxons” blocking the export of key ingredients and the vaccines themselves. “Today, the Anglo-Saxons block lots of these ingredients and vaccines. Today 100 per cent of vaccines produced in the United States of America go to the American market,” Macron said as he arrived at a summit in Portugal on Friday. The French president spoke after the US backed a temporary suspension of intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines. A measure to allow countries to temporarily override patent rights for pandemic-related medical products, and thus make copycat vaccines, was proposed at the World Trade Organization by India and South Africa in October, and has since been backed by about 60 countries. Macron, however, defended Europe’s record in sending doses abroad, saying it had been “the most generous” of developed countries so far -- and that it was more important to not block exports and to donate vaccines widely. “What is the real issue right now? It is not really about intellectual property. You can give the intellectual property to laboratories that do not know how to produce it. They won’t produce tomorrow. The primary issue for vaccine solidarity is the donation of doses,” he said. Macron said that the transfer of technology needed to produce the vaccine was also important.
法国总统埃马纽埃尔-马克龙表示,他准备讨论放弃Covid-19疫苗的专利,但他抨击了阻止关键成分和疫苗本身出口的 "盎格鲁-撒克逊人"。 "今天,盎格鲁-撒克逊人阻止了很多这些成分和疫苗。今天,美国生产的疫苗100%进入了美国市场,"马克龙在周五抵达葡萄牙的一个峰会上说。 法国总统是在美国支持暂时中止Covid-19疫苗的知识产权后发表讲话的。 印度和南非于10月在世界贸易组织提出了一项措施,允许各国暂时推翻大流行病相关医疗产品的专利权,从而制造出山寨疫苗,此后得到了约60个国家的支持。 然而,马克龙为欧洲向国外输送疫苗的记录进行了辩护,说它是迄今为止发达国家中“最慷慨的”--而且更重要的是不阻止出口并广泛捐赠疫苗。 "现在的真正问题是什么?这并不是真正的知识产权问题。你可以把知识产权给那些不知道如何生产的实验室。他们明天也不会生产。疫苗团结的首要问题是捐赠剂量,"他说。 马克龙说,生产疫苗所需的技术转让也很重要。
Novavax urges governments to support vaccine makers rather than waiving patents
US vaccine maker Novavax said waiving patents on Covid-19 vaccines “will not achieve its intended purpose” and urged governments to instead support existing vaccine companies, joining the chorus of pharmaceutical groups opposing the proposal to suspend intellectual property rights on the jabs. A temporary suspension of vaccine patents was “not the right answer” to tackling coronavirus around the world and it would cause a multitude of problems, the drugmaker said in a statement on Friday. The statement came a day after the chief executive of Moderna said that manufacturing vaccines would take years and that a patent waiver would not help boost the supply of jabs immediately for those in dire need. This week the US joined more than 60 countries in backing a World Trade Organization proposal to temporarily suspend vaccine patents in an attempt to boost production. Novavax said a waiver would constrain resources, “increase national barriers to the free flow of materials and vaccine doses, threatening the stability and integrity of the global supply chain” and lead to a “proliferation of counterfeits throughout the world”. “Even under the best circumstances, it can take years to stand up the manufacturing capabilities required to safely produce vaccines,” the company said, adding that governments should strive to help existing vaccine partnerships. On Friday, the Maryland-based drugmaker also said its technology transfer agreement with Japan’s Takeda would enable the Osaka-headquartered pharmaceutical company to manufacture 250m doses annually of the Novavax jab in the Asian country.
美国疫苗生产商Novavax表示,放弃Covid-19疫苗的专利权“不会达到预期目的”,并敦促各国政府转而支持现有的疫苗公司,加入反对暂停疫苗知识产权提案的制药集团大军。 该制药商在周五的一份声明中说,暂时中止疫苗专利不是解决世界各地冠状病毒问题的“正确答案”,它将引起许多问题。 声明发表的前一天,Moderna公司的首席执行官说,制造疫苗需要数年时间,专利豁免无助于立即为急需的人提高疫苗供应。 本周,美国与60多个国家一起支持世界贸易组织的一项提案,即暂时中止疫苗专利,以试图提高产量。 Novavax表示,豁免将限制资源,"增加材料和疫苗剂量自由流动的国家障碍,威胁到全球供应链的稳定性和完整性",并导致“假冒产品在全世界的扩散”。 该公司说:"即使在最好的情况下,也可能需要数年才能建立起安全生产疫苗所需的制造能力,"该公司补充说,各国政府应努力帮助现有的疫苗伙伴关系。 周五,这家位于马里兰州的制药商还表示,其与日本武田公司的技术转让协议将使这家总部位于大阪的制药公司能够在亚洲国家每年生产2.5亿剂Novavax疫苗。
WHO to add first China-made vaccine to list of approved doses
The World Health Organization is set to add Sinopharm’s Beijing vaccine to its list of approved coronavirus jabs, people familiar with the matter said, in a boost for the Chinese-made shot amid doubts over its efficacy. The emergency use listing is for a two-shot regimen for all adults aged 18 and over, the people said. It is the first vaccine of any kind to be made in China to receive emergency use authorisation from the WHO. The approval acts as a signal for countries around the world to use the vaccines and allows for the shot to be added to the WHO’s vaccine procurement programme, Covax. The announcement could be made as early as Friday afternoon, the people said. Early-stage studies for the shot were mainly conducted in China, where coronavirus has already been contained. Final stage, or phase 3, studies were mostly conducted overseas. The approval is a win for Sinopharm, which is the dominant producer of vaccines for China’s domestic market and supplies the majority of jabs for state-run immunisation programmes, but has yet to establish itself as an exporter of vaccines. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. China has pledged coronavirus vaccines across the developing world but the international rollout has been hampered by lingering concerns about the shot’s efficacy, as Chinese manufacturers have been slower than western candidates to release detailed trial data. This is a developing story
熟悉此事的人士说,世界卫生组织将把国药集团的北京疫苗列入其批准的冠状病毒疫苗清单,这是在对其疗效产生怀疑的情况下对中国制造的疫苗的推动。 这些人说,紧急使用清单是为所有18岁及以上的成年人提供的两针方案。 这是中国制造的任何种类的疫苗中第一个获得世卫组织紧急使用授权的疫苗。该批准是世界各国使用该疫苗的一个信号,并允许将该疫苗加入世卫组织的疫苗采购计划,即Covax。 这些人说,最早可能在周五下午宣布。该疫苗的早期阶段研究主要在中国进行,那里的冠状病毒已经得到控制。最后阶段,或第三阶段的研究主要在海外进行。 这项批准对国药集团来说是一个胜利,国药集团是中国国内市场的主要疫苗生产商,为国营免疫计划提供大部分疫苗,但尚未建立起自己作为疫苗出口商的地位。 该公司没有立即回应评论请求。 中国已承诺在整个发展中国家提供冠状病毒疫苗,但由于中国制造商在发布详细的试验数据方面比西方候选人慢,因此对该疫苗疗效的担忧挥之不去,阻碍了国际推广工作。 这是一个发展中的故事
Rate of new infections plateaus in England
The rate of new infections in England has plateaued since last week, according to the latest government figures, which suggest that every ten people with Covid-19 will infect between 8 and 10 other people The range of the R value, which represents the average number of people one person with Covid-19 is likely to infect, has decreased marginally to between 0.8 and 1.0 from 0.8 to 1.1 the week before. The number of new infections in the UK is however shrinking by less than it was previously, at between -3 per cent to 0 per cent everyday, according to the data, compared to -4 and -1 per cent the week before. The R value and growth rate of new infections are being closely watched by scientists and government officials, who want to know whether the incremental relaxation of lockdown restrictions causes infection rates to rise. Scientific advisers have warned it will take at least four weeks before the full impact of reopening sectors of the economy begins to show in data on the rate of infections. The growth rate and R number were highest in London, the South West and the South East, and lowest in the North East and Yorkshire and the North West.
根据最新的政府数据,英格兰的新感染率自上周以来已趋于平稳,该数据表明,每10名Covid-19患者将感染8至10名其他人。 R值的范围(代表一个Covid-19患者可能感染的平均人数)从之前一周的0.8到1.1小幅下降到0.8到1.0之间。 然而,根据数据显示,英国新感染者的数量缩减幅度小于以前,每天在-3%到0%之间,而前一周是-4%和-1%。 科学家和政府官员正在密切关注新感染的R值和增长率,他们想知道禁闭限制的逐步放宽是否会导致感染率上升。科学顾问警告说,至少需要四周的时间,重新开放经济部门的全部影响才会开始在感染率的数据中显示。 增长率和R数在伦敦、西南和东南地区最高,在东北和约克郡和西北地区最低。
BoE’s Haldane expects investment to recover and underpin UK recovery
Business investment that has been held back for years along with consumer spending and fewer bankruptcies underpin the UK’s recovery this year and next, the Bank of England’s chief economist has said. Andy Haldane said he expects a “healthy” business spending recovery, boosted by some catching up after years of low investment and superdeduction, a government subsidy. He was speaking at an online briefing a day after the central bank revised up its growth forecast for the UK economy for this year. The “triple whammy” of the financial crisis that began in 2008, Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic that took hold last year hit investment but, he said, “we are approaching the point at which all three uncertainties are dissipating”. Businesses have invested more during the pandemic on boosting productivity than previously thought. Spending on research and development, and technology has been “unusually” resilient for a downturn, he said. Haldane downplayed concerns over bankruptcies as he said that the companies with the most debt tend to be in the hardest hit sectors where the recovery is expected to be the strongest. Many of their debts are guaranteed by the government with a long duration, “which increases the chances of their being able to be paid back”, he said. Bankruptcy is therefore not picking up much from relatively subdued levels. Consumers are expected to spend about 10 per cent of their accumulated savings, double the proportion of the BoE February’s forecasts. He expects rising energy prices to push consumer inflation temporarily above its target, but he said that inflation forecasts are subject to a “high degree of uncertainty”.
英国央行首席经济学家表示,多年来一直被抑制的商业投资以及消费者支出和较少的破产是英国今年和明年复苏的基础。 安迪-霍尔丹说,他预计商业支出将 "健康 "复苏,在多年的低投资和政府补贴(superdeduction)之后,将有一些追赶者。 他是在央行上调今年英国经济增长预期的一天后,在一个在线简报会上发言的。 2008年开始的金融危机、英国脱欧和去年发生的冠状病毒大流行的 "三重打击 "打击了投资,但他说,“我们正在接近所有三个不确定因素的消散点”。 在大流行期间,企业在提高生产力方面的投资比之前想象的要多。他说,在研究和开发以及技术方面的支出对于经济衰退来说 "异常 "有弹性。 霍尔丹淡化了对破产的担忧,因为他说,债务最多的公司往往是在受影响最严重的部门,而这些部门的复苏预计是最强的。 他说,他们的许多债务是由政府担保的,期限很长,“这增加了他们能够偿还的机会”。因此,破产并没有从相对低迷的水平回升多少。 预计消费者将花费其累积储蓄的10%左右,是英国央行2月份预测的比例的两倍。 他预计能源价格上涨将推动消费者通胀率暂时超过目标,但他表示,通胀预测受到 "高度不确定性 "的影响。
Persistent hand washing leads to a rise in skin conditions
More than two-thirds of the public may now have a condition called hand dermatitis, which can cause skin to become blistered, following frequent hand washing and the use of alcohol-based rubs during the pandemic. A study conducted by the Father Muller Medical College in India showed that hand dermatitis was present among 93 per cent of healthcare professionals and 69 per cent of the general public. The participants in the study, which was presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology’s spring symposium on Friday, said that skin irritation and dryness was the main barrier to the consistent practice of hand hygiene, a vital tool in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. “This research shows there is now a skin-disease epidemic within the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Marie-Aleth Richard, professor at the University Hospital of La Timone, Marseille. “It is promising to see this problem being recognised,” she added. “I am excited to see how the dermatology community goes about finding potential solutions to this issue.”
超过三分之二的公众现在可能患有一种叫做手部皮炎的疾病,在大流行期间频繁洗手和使用酒精类擦剂之后,这种疾病会导致皮肤起水泡。 印度穆勒神父医学院进行的一项研究显示,93%的医护人员和69%的普通民众都有手部皮炎。 周五在欧洲皮肤病学和性病学学会春季研讨会上发表的这项研究的参与者说,皮肤刺激和干燥是持续进行手部卫生的主要障碍,而手部卫生是防止冠状病毒传播的重要工具。 马赛La Timone大学医院教授Marie-Aleth Richard说:"这项研究表明,在Covid-19大流行病中现在有一种皮肤病的流行,"。 "她补充说:"看到这个问题被认可是很有希望的。“我很高兴看到皮肤病学界如何去寻找这个问题的潜在解决方案”。
Canada sheds 207,000 jobs as lockdowns weigh
Canada shed more than 200,000 jobs last month with losses concentrated in industries like retail and hospitality and leisure that are affected by public health restrictions aimed at curbing the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Employment fell by 207,000 in April, while the unemployment rate rose 0.6 percentage points to 8.1 per cent, Statistics Canada said on Friday. That followed a gain of more than 300,000 in March and missed economists’ expectations for 175,000 jobs lost and a smaller rise in the jobless rate to 7.8 per cent. The report showed the biggest drops were in retail trade, accommodation and food services, and information, culture and recreation, which shed 84,000, 59,000 and 26,000 jobs respectively. Meanwhile, public administration and finance, insurance and real estate industries added jobs. Friday’s report also showed the number of Canadians working from home grew by 100,000 to 5.1m. The blow to the labour force came as public health measures tightened in several provinces in late March and early April ahead of the latest labour force survey. Ontario implemented a provincewide stay-at-home order on April 8, which set capacity limits for many non-essential businesses. British Columbia was under so-called “circuit breaker” restrictions as of March 30, which includes capacity limits on indoor dining and gyms. And Quebec reintroduced stricter measures, including the suspension of various business activities. Canada’s case count, when adjusted for population, now exceeds that of the US for the first time since the onset of the pandemic. Canadians have been angered by the chaotic government response that has allowed a third wave to take hold and led to a delayed vaccine rollout. “With the pace of vaccinations set to accelerate, we expect employment to recover over the summer as the economy re-opens although, as the US data today show, that could be a drawn-out process,” said Stephen Brown, economist at Capital Economics.
加拿大上个月减少了20多万个工作岗位,损失主要集中在零售、酒店和休闲等行业,这些行业受到旨在遏制第三波冠状病毒大流行的公共卫生限制的影响。 加拿大统计局周五说,4月份的就业人数减少了20.7万人,而失业率上升了0.6个百分点,达到8.1%。在此之前,3月份就业人数增加了30多万,没有达到经济学家预期的减少17.5万个工作岗位和失业率上升到7.8%的较小幅度。 报告显示,降幅最大的是零售业、住宿和餐饮业以及信息、文化和娱乐业,它们分别减少了8.4万、5.9万和2.6万个工作岗位。同时,公共管理和金融、保险和房地产行业增加了就业机会。 周五的报告还显示,在家工作的加拿大人的数量增加了10万,达到510万。 对劳动力的打击是由于在最新的劳动力调查之前,3月底和4月初几个省收紧了公共卫生措施。安大略省在4月8日实施了全省范围的待业令,对许多非必要的企业设定了产能限制。不列颠哥伦比亚省从3月30日起实行所谓的 "断路器 "限制,其中包括对室内餐饮和健身房的容量限制。而魁北克省重新推出了更严格的措施,包括暂停各种商业活动。 如果根据人口进行调整,加拿大的病例数现在超过了美国,这是该大流行病发生以来的第一次。加拿大人对政府混乱的应对措施感到愤怒,这种应对措施使第三波疫情得以发生,并导致了疫苗推广的延迟。 "Capital Economics的经济学家Stephen Brown说:"随着接种疫苗的速度加快,我们预计随着经济的重新开放,就业将在夏季恢复,尽管正如美国今天的数据显示,这可能是一个漫长的过程。
US Treasuries rally on weak job numbers
US government bonds rallied to their strongest level in three months and technology stocks were set to shine in opening trades on Friday, after weaker than expected jobs data took pressure off the Federal Reserve to rein its ultra-supportive monetary policies. US employers hired 266,000 new workers in April, according to the labour department’s monthly non-farm payrolls report, which was far below the level of at least 1m jobs that economists had expected. The yield on the US Treasury bond, which moves inversely to its price and influences borrowing costs and stock market valuations worldwide, fell by a steep 0.07 percentage points to 1.497 per cent in the moments after the data were released. That was its lowest level since early March, when investors sold off Treasuries in anticipation that a recovering US economy would push the Fed to rein in its $120bn a month in bond purchases that have supported financial markets through the pandemic. The dollar, as measured against a basket of currencies, was trading more than 0.5 per cent lower in the minutes after the jobs report. Read more here.
美国政府债券反弹至三个月来的最强水平,科技股在周五的开盘交易中也将大放异彩,因为弱于预期的就业数据使美联储在控制其超支持性货币政策方面面临压力。 根据劳工部的月度非农就业报告,美国雇主在4月份新雇用了26.6万名工人,这远远低于经济学家预期的至少100万个工作岗位的水平。 美国国债的收益率与其价格成反比,影响着全球的借贷成本和股市估值,在数据公布后的瞬间,美国国债的收益率急剧下降了0.07个百分点,至1.497%。 这是自3月初以来的最低水平,当时投资者抛售国债,预计美国经济复苏将推动美联储控制其每月1200亿美元的债券购买量,这些购买量在大流行中支持了金融市场。 在就业报告发布后的几分钟内,美元兑一篮子货币的汇率下跌超过0.5%。 在此阅读更多信息。
BioNTech/Pfizer seek full US approval for Covid vaccine
BioNTech/辉瑞公司寻求美国对Covid疫苗的全面批准-|-美国生物科技公司/辉瑞制药公司寻求获得美国Covid - 19疫苗的全面批准-|-Biontech / Pfizer寻求全美批准Covid疫苗
Pfizer and BioNTech have asked US regulators to approve their coronavirus vaccine for those over the age of 16, as they seek to expand access to their shot in what would be an important step towards achieving herd immunity. The companies on Friday became the first Covid vaccine makers to submit a biologics licence application (BLA) to the US Food and Drug Administration. They were the first to receive emergency authorisation for their Covid shot back in December and have since delivered more than 170m doses in the US. “The BLA submission is an important cornerstone of achieving long-term herd immunity and containing Covid-19 in the future,” said Ugur Sahin chief executive of BioNTech Albert Bourla, chief executive of Pfizer, said he was proud of the “tremendous progress” and hoped to secure full regulatory approval in the coming months. Canada this week became the first country to approve the Pfizer jab for use in adolescents, and on Friday the companies said they intended to submit an application to the US drug regulator to approve the vaccine for those aged 12 to 15 once the required data are available.
辉瑞公司和BioNTech公司已经要求美国监管机构批准他们的冠状病毒疫苗用于16岁以上的人群,因为他们寻求扩大他们的注射范围,这将是实现群体免疫的一个重要步骤。 这两家公司周五成为第一个向美国食品和药物管理局提交生物制剂许可申请(BLA)的冠状病毒疫苗制造商。他们的Covid疫苗早在12月就率先获得了紧急授权,此后已在美国交付了超过1.7亿剂。 "BioNTech公司首席执行官Ugur Sahin说:"提交BLA是实现长期群体免疫和在未来控制Covid-19的重要基石。 辉瑞公司首席执行官Albert Bourla说,他为 "巨大的进展 "感到自豪,并希望在未来几个月内获得全面监管批准。 加拿大本周成为第一个批准辉瑞疫苗用于青少年的国家,周五,这两家公司说他们打算向美国药品监管机构提交申请,一旦获得所需数据,就批准该疫苗用于12至15岁的人群。
US jobs market growth stalls despite reopenings and vaccinations
The US labour market added just 266,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate edged up to 6.1 per cent, marking an unexpected deceleration in job creation in the world’s largest economy. The April data compared with 770,000 jobs added in March — a downward revision compared with the previous estimate — and showed the US labour market is still short of pre-pandemic levels. In April, 8.2m fewer Americans were working compared with February 2020. The jobs numbers for April were released at a time of intense debate among policymakers and economists about the extent to which the rebound under way in the US will trigger a jump in inflation. Biden administration officials and senior officials at the Federal Reserve believe consumer price increases will be transient, but some economists and investors fear that the US economy is set to overheat in a risky way. Some economists have also warned that labour shortages might hamper job creation as the economy rebounds from the depths of the pandemic. The lacklustre jump in job creation will make it harder for the White House to claim that its initial $1.9tn stimulus bill is working as planned. The Biden administration wants Congress to take much broader fiscal action with plans to increase spending by a combined $4.1tn on US infrastructure and the social safety net over the coming decade, paid for with higher taxes on the wealthy and large US companies. Read more here.
美国劳动力市场上个月仅增加了26.6万个工作岗位,失业率上升至6.1%,标志着世界最大经济体创造就业的速度意外下降。 4月份的数据与3月份增加的77万个工作岗位相比--与之前的估计相比有所下调--表明美国劳动力市场仍未达到大流行前的水平。4月份,与2020年2月相比,美国人的工作人数减少了820万。 4月份的就业数字公布时,政策制定者和经济学家对美国正在进行的经济反弹在多大程度上会引发通货膨胀的跳动进行了激烈的辩论。 拜登政府官员和美联储高级官员认为消费者价格上涨将是短暂的,但一些经济学家和投资者担心,美国经济将以一种危险的方式过热。 一些经济学家还警告说,随着经济从大流行病的深处反弹,劳动力短缺可能会阻碍创造就业机会。 就业创造的跳动乏力将使白宫更难声称其最初的1.9百万美元刺激法案正在按计划发挥作用。 拜登政府希望国会采取更广泛的财政行动,计划在未来十年内将美国基础设施和社会安全网的支出合计增加41亿美元,并通过对富人和美国大公司征收更多的税来支付。 在此阅读更多内容。
Infection numbers continue to fall in England, Scotland and Wales
The number of people with Covid-19 in Britain has continued to fall, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics. The ONS said on Friday that just over 46,000 people in England had Covid-19 in the week ending May 2, excluding those in hospitals, down from just over 54,000 the previous week. About 1 in 1,180 people in England had the illness, while in Wales the figure was 1 in 2,070 and in Scotland 1 in 760 people. In Northern Ireland, 1 in 750 people had Covid-19. Sarah Crofts of the ONS said: “Today’s data show decreases in infections across England, Wales and Scotland. The infection rate in Northern Ireland has remained level.” She added: “Although we’re continuing to see a decrease in infections for England overall, there are still some regions where the trend is uncertain, and it will be important to monitor these changes over the next few weeks.”
根据英国国家统计局的最新数据,英国患有Covid-19的人数继续下降。 国家统计局周五表示,在截至5月2日的一周内,英格兰有46000多人患有Covid-19,其中不包括医院里的病人,比前一周的54000多人有所下降。 在英格兰,大约每1180人中有1人患有这种疾病,而在威尔士,这一数字是每2070人中有1人,在苏格兰,每760人中有1人。在北爱尔兰,每750人中有1人患有Covid-19。 国家统计局的萨拉-克罗夫茨说。"今天的数据显示,整个英格兰、威尔士和苏格兰的感染率有所下降。北爱尔兰的感染率保持了水平"。 她补充说:"尽管我们继续看到英格兰整体的感染率在下降,但仍有一些地区的趋势不确定,在未来几周内监测这些变化将是很重要的。"
EU regulators probe if insurance companies can withstand prolonged coronavirus crisis
EU regulators are to probe whether insurance companies have the financial strength to withstand a prolonged coronavirus crisis in the latest round of stress tests. Forty-four groups including Allianz, Axa and Munich Re will be subject to the assessment by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, which will test liquidity and capital adequacy. The pandemic is central to the simulation devised by Eiopa, which is similar to EU-wide banking stress tests by the European Banking Authority. In the scenario, concerns about a protracted coronavirus crisis “prolong the economic contraction”, Eiopa said. Balance sheets will be tested for insurers’ ability to cope with a “double hit” from a reduction in the value of assets coupled with a rise in liabilities, as already-low interest rates decline even further. The model includes a “sustained” drop in economic growth, a sharp rise in unemployment and a 45 per cent fall in EU equity prices. Death rates also rise, in a challenge to life insurers. The stress test does not assume any mitigating monetary or fiscal policies, such as the unprecedented steps authorities took last year to support the global economy and financial markets. Eiopa said it would publish the results in December.
欧盟监管机构将在最新一轮的压力测试中调查保险公司是否有财务实力来抵御长期的冠状病毒危机。 包括安联、安盛和慕尼黑再保险公司在内的44家集团将接受欧洲保险和职业养老金管理局的评估,这将测试流动性和资本充足率。 大流行病是Eiopa设计的模拟的核心,这与欧洲银行管理局的欧盟范围内的银行压力测试相似。 Eiopa说,在这种情况下,对旷日持久的冠状病毒危机的担忧“延长了经济萎缩”。 资产负债表将被测试保险公司应对 "双重打击 "的能力,即资产价值的减少和负债的增加,因为已经很低的利率进一步下降。 该模型包括经济增长 "持续 "下降,失业率急剧上升,欧盟股票价格下跌45%。死亡率也会上升,这是对寿险公司的挑战。 压力测试没有假设任何缓解的货币或财政政策,例如去年当局为支持全球经济和金融市场所采取的前所未有的措施。 Eiopa说它将在12月公布结果。
Royal Mail reliability falls as parcel deliveries soar
Royal Mail has reported a significant fall in the reliability of its next-day delivery services since the pandemic began, highlighting the disruptive effect of the surge in parcel volumes for logistics providers. The courier group said that about three-quarters of first-class mail arrived the next day in the year ending March 28, down from more than 90 per cent the previous year and far from its 93 per cent target. Postal groups have been fighting to cope with rapid growth in the number of packages for delivery as the pandemic sent consumers online. The volume of parcels handled by Royal Mail jumped by about a third year on year.  The increased demand came as the FTSE 250 group also had to deal with constraints on its operations from social-distancing measures and Covid-related staff absences. Regulatory body Ofcom has said it would take a “pragmatic approach” to the enforcement of obligations for postal operators, meaning any penalties for the drop in Royal Mail’s service would be unlikely. The 500-year-old company’s performance improved in the last week of April, when 88 per cent of first-class mail arrived the next day.
皇家邮政报告说,自大流行病开始以来,其次日递送服务的可靠性大幅下降,突出了包裹量激增对物流供应商的破坏性影响。 该快递集团表示,在截至3月28日的一年中,约有四分之三的一等邮件在第二天到达,低于前一年的90%以上,也远远低于其93%的目标。 邮政集团一直在努力应对由于大流行病将消费者送到网上而导致的包裹数量的快速增长。皇家邮政处理的包裹量同比增长了约三分之一。  在需求增加的同时,英国富时250指数集团还不得不应对社会平衡措施和与Covid有关的员工缺勤对其业务的限制。 监管机构Ofcom表示,它将采取 "务实的方法 "来执行邮政运营商的义务,这意味着对皇家邮政服务下降的任何惩罚都是不可能的。 这家有500年历史的公司的业绩在4月的最后一周有所改善,当时88%的一等邮件在第二天到达。
Opposition leader Gandhi warns of ‘devastating’ effects from variant beyond India’s borders
反对党领袖甘地警告说,印度境外的变种会产生 "破坏性 "影响-|-反对党领袖甘地警告说,印度境外的各种变体会带来“毁灭性”影响-|-反对派领导人甘地警告在印度边境之外的变体的“毁灭性”的影响
Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi said Covid-19 variants could be “devastating” in India and beyond and has called on the Modi government to improve transparency amid an “uncontrollable” spread of Covid-19. “The double and triple mutant strains that we are currently grappling with are only the beginning,” Gandhi wrote in a letter to Narendra Modi, the prime minister. “Allowing the uncontrollable spread of this virus in our country will be devastating not only for our people but also for the rest of the world.” Failures by the government have made another “devastating national lockdown almost inevitable”, Gandhi said in the letter published on Friday. He accused Modi of “hubris” and claimed that his government had declared a “premature victory” in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. The opposition leader urged the government to inoculate Indians quickly, track the virus and its mutations scientifically, assess vaccine efficacy against mutations and keep the rest of the world informed of the findings. The latest figures, released on Thursday, revealed a record 414,188 daily infections and 3,915 deaths, bringing the total number of lives claimed by Covid-19 to 234,083.
反对党领袖拉胡尔-甘地说,Covid-19变种可能在印度和其他国家具有“破坏性”,并呼吁莫迪政府在Covid-19 "不可控制的 "传播中提高透明度。 "甘地在给总理纳伦德拉-莫迪的信中写道:"我们目前正在努力解决的双重和三重变异株只是一个开始。"允许这种病毒在我国不受控制地传播,不仅对我国人民,而且对世界其他国家都是毁灭性的。" 甘地在周五发表的信中说,政府的失败已经使另一次“毁灭性的全国封锁几乎不可避免”。 他指责莫迪的“傲慢”,并声称他的政府在抗击冠状病毒大流行的战斗中宣布了“过早的胜利”。 这位反对派领导人敦促政府迅速为印度人接种疫苗,科学地跟踪病毒及其变异,评估疫苗对变异的功效,并向世界其他国家通报调查结果。 周四公布的最新数据显示,每天有创纪录的414,188人被感染,3,915人死亡,使Covid-19造成的生命总数达到234,083人。



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